Welcome to my world ...


Let me introduce myself, my name is Caroline.

And I am deeply fascinated and moved by Nature and its treasures.

In recent years, a deep relationship has developed between Her and me. And that brought to my life and on my way a lot of light, love and well-being

From there came my desire to mix this love for Her, for the magical world and stones in particular, with my taste for beautiful things and meticulous handcrafting.

This is what I came to share with you today ...


All my stones and beards are natural and untreated, unless otherwise stated (for aesthetics I sometimes use them). Almost everything can be personalized on request (see "Personalization" tab).


I clean and recharge each stone, each bead.

Then, with the help of my guides and nature spirits, I operate on each piece of jewelry a magnetization work in order to amplify its natural vibration and its benefits.

And as the wearers of lithotherapy jewelry tend to maintain a privileged relationship with them, I also prepare, by this magnetization, this singular bond to come by directly linking the jewel and its energy to its purchaser. I also do programming on my gemstone jewelry so that these wonderful stones self-clean and self-charge with each other. Thus, they will be completely autonomous and you can wear them without worrying about anything!


Note that this is not an ordinary e-commerce site with mass production. Everything being handmade by me alone, the products offered are not necessarily in stock and could be made to order. This will therefore take 2 to 5 days to complete. In advance, thank you for your understanding.

I also advise you to consult this site via a computer or a tablet for optimal navigation 😊

My work is important to me too I guarantee * for life each jewel


Enjoy in my Fantasy!

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