Between physical strength and spirituality, the tree of life is a lucky charm for those who wear it, a protective talisman that reminds everyone of where it comes from and where it is going, it is a symbol of life and perpetual evolution.

In a foreground, the roots deeply attached to the earth represent and strengthen the anchoring and serve as a link with the feminine energies that come to us from below.

In a second plan, the branches widely deployed towards the sky represent and strengthen the openness and the link with our spirituality, our guides and the masculine energies which come to us from above.

The trunk represents us in the connection with these two poles.

The flowers represent the abundance and the fruit of life to be picked.


Original mantra

Having an AUM symbol in your home or carrying it with you brings positive energy. It is beneficial to everyone.

The three letters A, U, M represent the combination of the 3 energies which constitute the cycle of life:

The letter "A" represents Brahman, the creator god. It is the terrestrial world, creation, the beginning, birth.

The letter "U" represents Vishnu, the protective god. It is the intermediate world, the dream, the continuation, the life.

The letter "M" represents Shiva, the destroyer. It is centrifugal force, sleep, the end, death. "M" is the state of deep sleep, the celestial world.

This cycle repeats itself endlessly: everything is born, lives for a time, then dies and returns to merge into the universe, the great Whole.
AUM is the representation of the 3 phases of life.

AUM is a vibration, a Sanskrit syllable from Hindu religious texts.

It is considered the most important of the mantras.
This vibration represents the universal sound of the whole creation. This vibration is the source of all other sound, all language and all other mantras. It includes in its vibration the totality of what exists.
It is the symbol of the absolute and infinite universe, of the past, present and future. The whole universe is created in this unique sound, rests there for a time, then merges again into the vibration.

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