For stone jewelry: I provides free repair for life.

For resin jewelry : the guarantee applying to this range is 15 days . The delicacy of these jewels implies that their durability depends on the care that will be given to them. It is advisable to hang them on a jewelry rack or keep them in their original box.

The cost of sending and returning the jewel as well as the stones requiring replacement do not enter into the guarantee. However, a reduced and reasonable price will be offered on estimate for their replacement.



I offer free customization of most of my jewelry.

Any order requiring personalization or annotated "On order" requires contact BEFORE placing and payment of the order. Any customization request not previously validated together will not be included in the order.

The products being handmade by me alone, not all of them are necessarily in stock at the time of the order and may need to be made as and when requested. It will take between 3 and 5 days to complete them.

Personalizing the stone may incur an additional cost depending on the desired stone (pearl).



The mention "Out of stock" for stone jewelry means that the material necessary to make the jewelry is available but that the finished product is not yet produced. It will be made as orders are placed.



Any order can be canceled provided that it is not already dispatched, except for personalized orders.

If the order is paid by Paypal, operating costs of 0.50 € will be retained on the reimbursement.



In the event of loss by the postal services, the compensation will be equivalent to the amount of insurance relating to the method of dispatch chosen by the customer. The compensation received from La Poste will be deducted from a new order or, depending on, will be subject to a refund.

I cannot be held responsible for delivery times for La Poste services.

Shipments are made within 2 days for products in stock , provided that no personalized magnetization is requested.

In the case of a personalized magnetization, a custom jewel or a confection to the order, the shipment will be made within 5 to 8 days following the payment of the order or the receipt of the information necessary for the work magnetization.



Payment by check is accepted. The shipment will be made after the check has actually been cashed by the bank, which may extend this deadline to approximately 10 to 20 days after receipt of the check.


Please make out and send your check to :

Miss PINTOS Caroline

14 avenue de Marseille




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