I offer free customization of most of my jewelry.


All orders including PERSONALIZATION

must be mutually validated by message before payment.


We will establish beforehand what you want based on available stocks and we will agree on the time required for completion.


* Almost all pendants and earrings in copper wire are available in silver, gold, copper or mixed.


* Note that adding or subtracting material to adapt the size of a bracelet may slightly change the style of the bracelet. Size reduction is free. Adding material for an enlargement can generate an additional cost depending on the material added.


* The customization of the stone can entail an additional cost depending on the desired stone (pearl).


* The customization of the cords is free unless there is a specific request including leather-organza mixes (requiring the addition of ferrous parts) or possibly an increase in the length of the cord compared to the original cord.


You will find below the cords this leather or cotton available in plus of the classicals golden or silvered stainless steel chain :

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